Led the brand marketing effort in the go to market strategy and creative of a new lighting product. Directed an in-house team of creatives and marketing team members as well as an outside production team to create a cohesive brand campaign for the launch of the company's newest light. The end result would be a 1-week sell-out period which would be a company first within the past 50 years.

I also partnered up with Pelican cases in order to create "master kits" of this lighting product to function as a giveaway prize for lead generation and social engagement.

Personal contributions:

All Brand Copywriting (product copy, ad copy and video scripting)
Creative Direction (print/web/video)
Art Direction (print/web/video)
Social was a large part of Brand's ability to communicate around this new product. We leveraged static, carousel and video elements to tell our product story.
Given the state of social, media consumption and attention spans, there needed to be an impactful series of videos which would engage our consumers to pursue this light. Within a period of 3 days and in collaboration with Skypixel Media we were able to create 3 very distinct stories with independant value propositions not to mention scenery. We even managed to build a video around automotive superstar Tanner Foust.

Cinematography: Skypixel Media
Creative Direction: Ali Sedaghat
Storyboard/Scripting: Ali Sedaghat
Production Assistance/Logistics: Randy Wimenta
Photography: Evan Gage, Doug Hyland and Ali Sedaghat
Talent: Tanner Foust, Adam Pfiefer, Alfred Ramirez, Darren Parsons, Bond Gilmer, Chris & Nick Isenhouer
Initial Teaser Video
Product was to be hinted at and not fully shown. Wanted to convey a sense of anxiety, exhilaration and intensity. This would go out via email and social channels.
Next we created a short format collage of all of our shoots together as a highlight reel for paid ads as YT pre-roll and IG/FB posts and stories.
Finally we created a series of longer format videos showcasing various environments and use cases featuring the lighting.
Finally to really carry the visual experience forward from digital to the actual product. We worked on all new product packaging for the entire FLEX ERA 4 family. We elevated the brand image and brought a more contemporary look and feel to the overall unboxing experience.

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