With the launch of the Flex Era 4 light, KC came into the industry with a best in class option for the size and output of this light and we wanted to make sure we supported it with videos showcasing how rad not only these lights were but the community we created around KC.
Fun Fact: All videos were shot within the same weekend which was a lot of what I did, maximize our budget by grouping multiple shoots within a given span of time. This required a lot of advance planning, storyboarding and scripting. 

Storyboard/Scripting: Ali Sedaghat
Videography: Skypixel Media
Events were a large part of what we invested time into and Easter Jeep Safari was a great opportunity to bring together partners, ambassadors and our in-house production team to capture the moments as they happened.

Produced by: Ali Sedaghat
Videography/Editing: Aaron Tromp
Another opportunity to showcase a new product, the Flex Era 3 utilized a combination of brand ambassadors and creative typography intermixed into some dynamic footage.
Storyboard/Scripting: Ali Sedaghat
Videography: Skypixel Media
In addition to product and brand centric videos, another key ingredient in our marketing efforts were focusing on our ambassadors and telling their stories. Here, famed racer and industry personality, Terry Madden, talks about his connection with the brand.

This was a relationship I was fostering and building prior to leaving the brand.
An opportunity to showcase both the heritage of the brand and promote a massive giveaway, the action shots towards the end of this video were actually supposed to be part of a much larger and ambitious piece which unfortunately got sidelined due to one of our ambassadors at the time rolling his Jeep.

We pivoted and used the content to create a series of videos promoting the giveaway.

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